Monthly Checks

In addition to daily care, you must take certain measures periodically to sustain a healthy life while being diabetic. Some of them must be done every 3 months, some after 6 months, and some once a year. These are indicated below.

Every 3 months

►  Regular doctor visit

►  HbA1C blood test (Every 3 months if your blood sugar level is too high)

►  Blood pressure check

►  Weight check

►  Foot check

Every 6 months

►  HbA1C blood test (Every 6 months if your blood sugar level is good)

►  Dental exam

Every year

►  Physical check-up (exam) by your doctor

►  Complete foot exam

►  Check cholesterol and other body fats (lipid profile test)

►  Complete (dilated) eye exam by an eye specialist

►  Kidney test

►  Any vaccine that your doctor may recommend

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