Know Your Meter


1. Test strip port

At the top of the meter, you find the port to insert the test strip.


2. Display

This display is used to show different information like:

  1. Result of blood sugar level test in mmol/L
  2. Date
  3. Time


3. Zero-One Button

This button has multiple functions depending on the situation. For example, to turn on the meter, to adjust date and time or to delete result from memory.


4. M Button

This button also has various functions depending on the situation, for example to recall results from memory, to adjust the date and time.


5. Strip Ejector Button

Slide this button upwards to eject the used strip after testing. Without touching it, eject the used strip to a waste bin or back into the foil pack to dispose of at your convenience.


6. Battery Cover

Open the battery cover by pulling the notch at the bottom to insert new batteries or to change batteries when the batteries die. Put the cover back on after inserting new batteries.


7. Serial Number

This is the unique serial number of your meter. Use this serial number to register your meter under your name at the website ( to enable your warranty.

Alpha release

Version 0.50