Know Your Lancing Device And Lancets

Lancing Device

Your Safe-Accu-Easy blood glucose meter comes with a lancing device which you will use to puncture your fingertip in order to get the drop of blood for testing. The parts of the lancing device are described below.

1. Adjustable Cap

This is used to insert or replace a used lancet. To take off the cap rotate it in anticlockwise direction. After inserting a lancet, replace the cap and rotate it in clockwise direction. To adjust the depth of the incision, hold the grey ring in one hand and rotate the outer cap to select the depth (0 is the minimum and 5 is the maximum depth).


2. Pull-back Sliding Barrel

Pull it back to load the lancing device to be used for puncturing your fingertip.


3. Trigger

Press this to activate the device after loading it.


4. Lancet Ejector

Push it forward to eject a used lancet.


This is essentially a sterile needle encased in a protective plastic cover. It has a circular top which should be broken off by twisting it after inserting it in the lancing device.


  • The lancing device and lancets are for single patient use. Do not share them with anyone including other family members. Do not use on multiple patients!
  • Lancing device and lancets can potentially transmit blood borne pathogen and infectious diseases, even after cleaning and disinfection procedures have been performed.
  • Each test must use a new sterile lancet. Reusing lancets can cause infection, skin damage and greater pain due to bent or dull needle tips.
  • Please be cautious when removing the lancet. Always place the adjustable cap back on the exposed lancing device.
  • Clean the cap of your lancing device with alcohol pad after each use.
  • Keep your lancing device and lancets in a clean and dry place safe from the reach of children.

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