Fiber is a type of carbohydrate (just like sugars and starches) but since it is not broken down by the human body, it does not contribute any calories, that means fiber does not raise the blood sugar level.

Why you need fiber in your diet

►  To protect against heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels

►  To prevent constipation

►  To reduces the risk of colon cancer

►  To reduce insulin requirement as fiber slows down sugar absorption

►  To prevent weight gain

Effects of taking less fibers than you need

►  Constipation

►  Heart diseases

►  Weight gain

►  Poor blood sugar control

►  Risk of colon cancer

Effects of eating too much fibers

►  Reduced blood sugar level

►  Intestinal gas

►  Cramping (stomachache)

►  Constipation

►  Diarrhea

►  Lower absorption of vitamins and minerals

►  Temporary weight gain


Foods that contain fibers

►  Fruits

►  Fruit skins

►  Vegetables

►  Beans

►  Peas

►  Whole grains

►  Oats

►  Nuts

►  Meat

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