Features of the Meter

Your Safe-Accu-Easy blood glucose meter has been designed with the following features and specifications to help you easily monitor your blood sugar levels.

Blood requirement

One drop of fresh capillary whole blood from finger

Results range

2.2 mmol/L to 27.8 mmol/L

Testing time

25 seconds to accurately analyze the blood sample

Meter ergonomics

Rounded design with no sharp edges to facilitate comfortable use and storage and to restrict any injury from the body of the meter.

Battery type

2 “AAA” batteries (Remote batteries)

Battery life

About 1000 tests

Memory capacity

220 past results with 7days, 14 days or 28 days average


About 100 grams

Operating temperature

10°C to 35°C

Operating humidity

Below 80%

Alpha release

Version 0.50