Care Team for You

To help you control your diabetes there may be more than one person. Collectively they can be called your Care Team. Knowing the members of your Care Team and their respective roles will help you to plan your visits to the doctor, diagnostic centers and so on. Below is a list of the probable members of the Care Team.


Your doctor will help you develop your diabetes care plan. The doctor may take care of all your health care needs or may only treat diabetes. Your doctor may or may not be a endocrinologist (diabetes specialist).


He or she will make your diet plan that you must follow. Your doctor may also take the role of your dietitian.

Diabetes Educator (or Nurse)

He or she will educate you on topics related to diabetes. These topics will include how to control your blood sugar level, how to use your blood glucose meter, how to avoid high or low blood sugar, what to do in case of high or low blood sugar. Your doctor may also take the role of your diabetes educator.


Your pharmacist will help you finding the right medication according to the prescription of your doctor.

Eye Doctor (Opthalmologist)

Your eye doctor will conduct the regular checks of your eyes to avoid any problems. He or she will also treat any eye disease if it develops.


In case you are an elderly person or if you need the assistance for any reason, the caregiver is the person who will maintain some or all aspects of your daily care routine for you. He or she may be a capable family member or a trained appointed person.

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